Friday, May 27, 2011

The Shadow Lands

Once, I heard a great man,

Called this place the ‘Shadow Lands’.

And if in the Shadow Lands we be,

Then what is light, what don’t we see?

I know there is more than what is clear,

For a part of me longs for a very different land,

A place far from here.

I have an assurance abstract though it is,

Telling me that when I leave the Shadow Lands,

True life will begin.

I see a shooting star so vast, so high above,

And I think: there must be a greater use for this feeling called: love.

Sometimes, I feel lonely for something I have not seen,

And it’s strange to miss a place you have never been.

But it’s Someone, I think, I long for more, the One in the Shining Land,

The same One who formed me under His careful hands.

He placed his mouth over mine,

And breathed into me His purpose divine.

My little chest rose and my life came to be,

All because this Someone wanted little old me.

We in the Shadow Lands want to see with our eyes,

But some things are too wondrous, too magnificent in size,

Too great or too good for mortal conception to grasp,

And so with all my strength I’ll hold to my task.

Until I too am called from this land,

This Shadow Land of water and sand.

To another land where I long to be,

Forever and ever my Lord and me.

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