Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I will bet on my very last cent,

That I am more intelligent,

Than the average Joe who’s late on rent,

Or a money changer whose back is bent,

And the carp Catholics eat near ‘round lent,

Or the time it takes to write to Kent,

And the mouse that nested in the upstairs vent,

Plus the check your aunt Alberta sent,

Include you and every other gal and gent,

Because look at all the time you spent,

Reading what is unintelligent!


  1. This is clever! Is it meant to be a paradox?
    Here is one for you to read.

    A jaw with teeth and muscle open,
    Clamps down upon the eye of Odin,
    With eye now forfeit in its grave,
    A lasting memory is saved,
    Of fierce fang in midst of fires,
    Of Gnashing bones amidst the mires,
    Once green tree now pale shatters,
    a time forgotten no longer matters,
    a grave stone keeps the memory,
    a plastic tomb no longer free,
    This was made for you a key,
    Intelligence no more to see,
    now we're even :)

  2. Gee thanks! Yes, a little bit of paradoxical fun-sense ;)

    Now this poem you sent me...hmm...I'm trying to unscramble it. Okay here we go: Odin - Norse god sometimes representing battle and wisdom--so the memory could have something to do with battle, raids etc. "A grave stone keeps the memory..." Okay...okay I got it!...nope you lost me at the plastic tomb part. Help me. PLEASE!

  3. My poem's possible meaning: It is said that Odin sacrificed his eye to drink from the fountain of wisdom, so the forfeited eye represented a willingness to gain knowledge/intelligence. This juxtaposes our desires for immortality, wisdom, and the ability to save the memories of life. The next few lines point to those visual, physical, mental and emotional memories, ones beautiful, terrible and fading that ultimately make us who we are, or show us who we long to be. The overall theme also points at Photography(something I enjoy) as a way of capturing those moments before they vanish and leave us, giving aid to immortal memories of moments gone but not forgotten. Hence the plastic tomb, a memory card for a camera, no longer free(empty) but filled with treasures of the heart lest they be forgotten. And finally the last three lines show that all of this was really just a response to your poems punch line, a kind of got you back sort of thing. Meaning that I tried to give the poem (and its meaning which I just made up) the air "intelligence," but it was really just a key for you to read something with a similar jest. I was just trying to make a little bit of fun-sense too, ;) not being intelligent myself for reading your poem, I was attempting to bring you down to my level(though I fear I didn't succeed). God bless and have a Happy New Year! :)

  4. My that's clever! I concur with the last line of your poem. Now we are even.;)

  5. Ha ha Success! I mean ummm... I'm glad things worked out mutually well for both parties despite possible loss of intelect. (said humbly with only a hint of stupid grin) :)